“Where are Oakleys made?” is a frequently asked question — most likely because customers are trying to ensure they are getting real Oakley products. is an authorized dealer of Oakley eyewear products, so if you order from us you’re 100% guaranteed to receive genuine Oakley glasses. Spotting fake Oakleys before you purchase them can prevent your getting a pair of inferior quality glasses. Read on to see how to tell you’re getting authentic Oakley glasses.

Price As A Barometer For Authenticity

If the price seems too good to be true, well, you know how the saying goes. Genuine Oakley glasses are sturdy, durable, high-quality eyewear, so be wary of any “deals” you find. Incredibly cheap or heavily discounted Oakley glasses are likely fake.

Check the frames

Oakley glasses should feel sturdy, with no loose parts or flimsy pieces. Genuine Oakley frames are quality-made with sturdy, pre-dyed plastic. In most cases, if the color is painted on the frames, they’re fake.

Look carefully at the shape of the letter “O” logo on the arms to make sure it matches official Oakley style. There should be no glue visible or flaking on the surface. The emblem should be fastened to the glasses—not painted on. Your glasses should also include an item number, or SKU, printed on the inside of the arm.

Check the Lenses

The Oakley “O” logo should not be present on the lenses of non-prescription glasses. Oakley occasionally releases special edition frames with words or emblems etched—not painted—on the lenses, but the O symbol has never made an appearance on the lenses.

Oakley lenses may include a static cling “P” to indicate polarized lenses, but this label would not contain any adhesive that may damage the lenses.

Check the box & label

Make sure the fonts and logos on the packaging match the sunglasses as well as the leaflet insert. The label on the box should include a barcode, style name, and description. Your Oakley glasses should also come with a certificate of authenticity and warranty card.

Check the cloth bag

Oakley glasses are shipped with a dust bag or case to protect them. The logo stitching should be neat and uniform and the material should have a smooth finish. Your glasses may be counterfeit if the cloth bag is missing or poor quality.

If you purchase glasses you believe are fake, contact Oakley to report the counterfeit. You may also report the fraudulent purchase to your bank, as you may be entitled to a refund.

If you have questions about ordering Oakley sunglasses online, contact us