Oakley Iridium is a proprietary tint and molecular anti-glare coating added to lenses. The tint comes in a variety of colors, each formulated for optimal balance between the light reflection, transmission, and absorption of the lens, depending on the environment and activity.

Oakley Iridium Lenses

Iridium Lens Colors

Black Iridium® Lenses

The Black Iridium lens delivers equal parts style and performance, adding a blackout look to any frame. It’s an excellent all-purpose, high-contrast lens that works well in sunny conditions with bright to extremely bright light. This lens would be perfect for bluebird days skiing, cycling, running, or exploring, when you need better color perception and protection from glare.

Ice Iridium® Lenses

Ice Iridium lenses also work well in extremely bright conditions. Black and Ice Iridium lenses allow only 10% Visible Light Transmission (VLT), and they enhance color perception for better optics. Each color offers a polarized option to further minimize glare. If Black and Ice aren’t your style, Gold Iridium® lenses also work well in extremely sunny conditions, with a VLT of 12%.

Tungsten Iridium® vs. Jade Iridium®: Which Is the Best Lens Color for Golf?

Weather is the biggest variable when you’re choosing the best Iridium lens color for golf. Are you teeing off at sunrise on a day when the clouds are filtering light and there are few shadows on the fairway? Or are you playing a midday round under full sun with high-contrast shadows? If there’s filtered sunlight, most golfers will prefer the Tungsten Iridium, which comes with a brown lens as its base. The addition of the Tungsten Iridium tint improves visual acuity and depth perception, helpful on the golf course, especially in flat, filtered light.

Jade Iridium comes with a grey lens as its base, which improves color perception, making it a perfect choice for golf on bright, sunny days.

Both Tungsten and Jade Iridium lenses will enhance color perception and contrast next time you hit the links. Which one is better for golf depends on the weather that day.

24K Iridium® Lenses: Perfect for Field Sports and Fresh Water Fishing

The 24K is a yellowish tint on a brown lens base, giving you the benefits of both colors in one lens. Yellow and brown tints typically work best for judging distance, and yellow tints also help brighten objects during cloudy or partly cloudy days. The two colors combined in the 24K Iridium give you the best of both worlds. And when polarized to cut glare from water surfaces, the 24K Iridium lens is perfect for seeing into the water when fishing, especially during those low-light hours when fish are the most active.

Chrome Iridium® and Fire Iridium® Lenses: Great for Everyday Wear

Wearers simply looking for a great pair of Oakley sunglasses for everyday light conditions have lots of options. The Chrome Iridium lens makes an excellent all-purpose lens that will meet and exceed the needs for everyday wear on sunny days. The Fire Iridium lens is another good everyday choice, offering a little more visual acuity and contrast, while providing the same sun protection. The addition of Oakley’s Iridium anti-glare coating provides even more protection from harmful UV rays. And with a polarized coating, the Chrome and Fire Iridium lenses will cut glare while you’re driving, especially during morning and evening commutes, making for a perfect all-around, day-in and day-out lens.

Are Oakley Iridium Lenses Polarized?

Yes—you can choose polarized or non-polarized options in Iridium lenses available from Oakley

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