The Best Lenses for Driving

For optimal performance and safety while navigating twists and turns, open your field of view with the perfect lens for the light condition.

Bright Light Lens

Polarized Stealth Black

For cross-country road trips or daily commutes, Polarized Stealth Black doesn’t just go along for the ride — it was made for the drive. Providing essential comfort from piercing sunlight and glare, you’ll see farther, easily identify road hazards, and enjoy the precision-focus you need to keep all your attention on the road.

Protected by an Anti-Scratch hard coat to resist scratches, deter dirt buildup, and prevent smears so your sightlines remain clear.


Medium Light Lens

Polarized Flash Bronze

Ideal for the changing light conditions you encounter while driving, Flash Bronze is dark enough to keep you comfortable in flashes of bright light without sacrificing visibility in patches of shade. Its precision polarization removes glare from car hoods and windshields, enhancing your depth-perception and improving reaction time. And with heightened contrast, yellows and whites will pop off the pavement, making it easy to find your lane.

Repel Water + backside Anti-Reflection performance coatings clear your lenses and keep distracting glare from bouncing back into your eyes so you can put all your attention on the road.

Low Light Lens

Tracer Orange

Maximizing available light, Tracer Orange opens your field of view in low light and overcast conditions. Highlighting essential details, the orange tint intensifies contrast — sharpening your vision and honing your focus. The subtle flash of blue MirrorShield® helps to knock back glare from oncoming headlights, keeping you relaxed and ready to take on the road.

Repel Water + Anti-Fog performance coatings shed water and limit fog from clouding your sight lines so your lenses will be clean, clear, and ready for the drive.


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